Not Another List: Seven Reminders for When the World Feels like Too Much

Full-d: Lists of tips tend to bug me. First off, many seem like common knowledge. Really? You're spending all those pixels on...that? Secondly, they tend to over simplify things that may deserve more complexity. (& btw , I think that is Tina Fey on the right.)

However, what I've noticed about life lately, is that I often forget even the things I find most important. Ideally, we'd live in community and have daily contact with tribe. At least I would. We'd encounter nature, and have deep, connected conversations with those around us. Our moment-to-moment existence would pulse with aliveness!

Instead, what I notice is that I can get caught up in working on my computer, doing what "needs" to be done, shut down to avoid overwhelm with the world, and completely forget about what nourishes me. So I write this series of reminders as much to myself as to any of you. Perhaps we can help each other remember.

Tips for Thriving in an Unthinkable World

1. Create frequent, small opportunities for community connection and celebration

A community can simply be more than one. For example, a friend and I spontaneously shared ten things that we were grateful for—made our day!

2. Get into nature every day, even it’s just to sit and breathe with a plant for five minutes. Trees provide a great template for rootedness and groundedness—I climb them, hug them, gaze at them, marvel at them, and photograph them all the time.

3. Express your feelings. Get the loving, aware, attention of one person while you say​​ what’s most true for you. Isolation kills! It’s at the root of addiction, abuse, suicide and despair. Share your feelings, while receiving physical contact, if possible.

4. Love what comes up in you. Befriend the exiled parts of yourself that keep you up at night, silence your needs, and armor your heart. Harder than it sounds! I recommend Whatever Arises, Love That by Matt Kahn, and The Path Is Everywhere by Matt Licata. These are foundational texts for the Nine-month Immersion.

5. Approach differences from the inside out. Breathe into your heart. Get curious about the other person’s feelings and needs. Share your feelings and needs from the heart.

6. Notice how you react to the state of the world. Is it how you want to react? Do you want to have a greater range of choices to respond rather than react? Read The Five Personality Patterns by Steven Kessler to learn about working with patterns. This is another foundational text for the Nine-month Immersion. We've gotten so much mileage from this body of work!

7. Pick one thing that makes a difference—something you feel connected to. Join or invite others--nurture community while making the world a better place. This will not only contribute to the world, but also reduce your sense of isolation and powerlessness, as it helps meet your own need for contribution and community. Share consensual hugs!

8. Join us at an upcoming event and feel the WisBo love as you meet like-minded community, receive healing from a beautiful field of love and spaciousness, an learn techniques you can use right away to live with more grace and resilience on this planet.

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