Grace Under Fire: Full-Spectrum Healing for An Unthinkable World

“The world is too much with us; late and soon, Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers; Little we see in Nature that is ours; We have given our hearts away, a sordid boon!”

Excerpted from “The World is Too Much With Us,” – William Wordsworth

Though it was written long before the internet, in 1802 as a plea to return to nature from culture, Wordsworth’s words still wake me.

And sometimes it’s nature itself that assaults us. The earth burns and floods. Abuse surfaces again and again. Peoples’ wounds seem to run their thoughts, without cease. How do we filter the constant onslaught?

This morning, a friend and I spontaneously shared ten things we each were grateful for. As I read through her gratitude list, I myself also felt grateful for everything she had mentioned, even though not all of them were also mine. I realized this was a piece of the puzzle.

Where we put our attention becomes our “nature,” or way of being. Unfortunately, this culture again and again pulls our attention to the digital, to stories of leaders and others acting from their wounds and promulgating their stories as reality. We can begin to believe this reality, or else find ourselves in reaction to it: Fighting, hiding out, collapsing into a puddle, disappearing into the ether, or focusing mainly on others.

I want us all to have choice in how we show up, and to understand what’s happening when we react the way we do, and to be able to take care of those parts of ourselves. Somewhere, we have the capacity to be with all the parts of ourselves that get activated when we encounter horror, unthinkable acts, tragedy on too grand a scale to comprehend, and also to find within ourselves a place of peace, of spaciousness, of grace.

That somewhere is here, and now.

Though we may not have been designed to metabolize the sheer bandwidth of information before us, we do have the magnificent capacity to adapt, and find ways to remain resilient, connected, and focused on that which matters, so we can show up for the inevitable fires with peace, confidence, and grace.

But we need tools. And we need each other.

Over the last several years, I have developed an unusual body of work drawing on a blend of somatic, energetic, cognitive, and emotional approaches, including Re-evaluation Counseling, Nonviolent Communication based in the work of Marshall Rosenberg, ne0-Reichian somatic patterns, study with Lynda Caesara and Norma Ramos-Ott, and cutting-edge energy work with Mike Sententia.

Here’s a shortcut (note to self–follow it!):

  1. Breathe. Feel my connection to earth and sun, and the miracle of my existence. Feel my own glorious essence filling my body, send away any and all connections to other people, places, and things (yes, all–I’ll tell you why Thursday).

  2. Notice the ways I get pulled into things, that do not serve me. Love the f**k out of those tendencies! Thank you, knee-jerk reactionary warrior, for helping me get this far. Thank you, spaced-out airwave-riding antenna for helping survive unthinkable circumstances. I love you! Tell me more about how it’s been.

  3. Tell one person who cares, and who can hear you, the truth about what it feels like to be you right now. Allow yourself to truly take in that you’re being heard, you’re not alone, and that someone has space for you.

In the nine-month Immersion (already underway–a new one starts this October), we go into great depth learning and practicing these tools with each other, and using them real-time for sessions and actual connection repair during class. Come get a taste of how this work can help you through these times, and find grace under fire–even a big fire. Get tickets here.

Big love,


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