Multidimensional Healing and Learning

Body, mind, spirit, and emotions

Wisdom of the Body:
Beyond Talk Therapy

 Your body knows the way home. 


     Because wounding happens to us in body, mind, spirit, and emotions, we work with all these dimensions in mind, both in individual work and in the 9-month Immersion.

     Sessions often include some combination of dialogue, movement, cognitive reframing, emotional release, restorative physical touch, and work beyond the physical plane.


Though rare among mainstream approaches, the foundation of this work is nothing new.

It is simply a facilitated return to to the wisdom of our bodies;

to the healing that is our birthright.

Jill Nagle
Founder / Practitioner

I work with individuals, couples, communities and groups who want to get past the what’s tripping them up, to the deeper connection, flow, and ease that’s always underneath. A multiply-published author on parenting, sexuality, personal growth, and many other topics, I founded Wisdom of The Body: Beyond Talk Therapy in 2013 to offer counseling that includes the possibility of aware, intimate, nonsexual physical touch.


Clients typically get results beyond what they thought possible.

"Jill has such an intuitive way of being with her clients.


She is nurturing, extremely present, attentive to what the client is needing. I find myself shifting and transforming during the session as well as the time afterwards. I find her work inclusive of the psychospiritual, somatic, and cognitive components. I feel lucky to have found such depth and skill in one practitioner."

Jihan Amer, Trainee in Holistic Counseling Psychology – Ecotherapist, AngelPsychic, Pleasant Hill, CA


The next step on my path is...


Nine-month Training in Counseling, Personal Growth, and Leadership Skills

Multidimensional tools, community, and practice for spiritual and personal growth seekers, world changers, and helping professionals

2018-19 Theme: Nourishing the Roots of Self-Love

We are born into and live the beginnings of our lives inside a set of rules not of our choosing. While we need other humans, sometimes our spirits chafe against their rules and structures .


This year, we use the multidimensional tools of Wisdom of the Body to better love ourselves exactly as we are, and also accept others exactly as they are.


From this place, we can more easily find peace, harmonious relationships, and paths of leadership to inspire others to our vision.


Services Offered

What is
Wisdom of The Body?

Wisdom of The Body is a particularly effective group of insights and practices that can help heal a wide variety of symptoms, and equip its practitioners to show up more effectively for themselves and others. An important component of our work is Healing From Neglect, which involves exquisite attention to parts of ourselves that may be suffering from habitual neglect.

I feel so held and you embody humility and being real🎯 I appreciate that your aren't following the bliss-ninnies path, with all the syrupy sweetness and light that plagues spiritual paths of this day and area.

- Jason Briggs, Immersion student

I so appreciated that you presented NVC in the larger context of what it means to be internally referenced, instead of living in our usual world of ‘is.’

I went to a couple of other NVC workshops, and did not get a quarter of the understanding of NVC that I got from your approach.


- Michael Pierce, Immersion student.


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