"Thanks to NextLeveling I am actually implementing my next business steps, rather than simply daydreaming about them." 

- Srinika Narayan, MS, LAc


Small-group Business Coaching
Soul-nutrient-dense  •  Ongoing  •  Guaranteed 

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No more lonely workdays--what you do matters!

Money-back guarantee

What helps us NextLevel?

  • Daily alignment with purpose

  • Workable feedback and accountability structure

  • Knowing that we and our work matter to others

  • Synergizing with and getting inspired by others who also are NextLeveling

  • Working lovingly with the parts of ourselves that resist forward motion 

  • Essential information to use in reaching our goals  

How do we get all this?​

Through the alchemy of coaching, consulting, counseling, and community, which combine to gently catapult you to your next level.






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  • Twelve weeks starting Sunday, March 17th , 2019, 1PM Pacific Time. (Another group may form that meets at a different time.)

  • Rich, intensive content designed to produce maximum results in minimum time

  • One hour-+ long video call per week with your group (no more than five others)

  • "Khan Academy" style, where you do the heavy lifting between meetings, and get group help in class

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  • Online accountability structure for supporting each other's progress

  • "Pay it forward" practice--take an active interest in others' work as they do the same for you

  • One 40-minute session with Jill each month

  • Unlimited accountability/support buddy meetings

  • Unlimited interactions in our private online discussion group


Witnessing • Being Seen • Love •  Generosity • Receiving Deeply • Showing up • Interdependence • Integrity • Love •  Choice and Consent • Praising Publicly, Criticizing Privately • Expressing Appreciation • Asking for What You Need • Paying it Forward • Love


  1. Clarify your purpose to guide and energize you throughout the program and beyond

  2. Scope your life so that you feel clear and on-purpose about your priorities and how you're spending your time

  3. Polish your elevator speech and networking talk to be able to clearly and confidently engage with others about your work wherever you go

  4. Schedule and commit to your next steps, self-care, and "pay-it-forward" kudos and referrals

  5. Sink into tender space for vulnerable shares about what gets in our way

  6. Enjoy group networking and referrals, and sharing of resources (who do you know who...), and signal boosting (as applicable)

  7. Learn your personality patterns, or how you get in your own way, and how to stop.  

  8. Internal reference--Learn a powerful approach to gaining clarity, perspective, and confidence. Feel increased empowerment to frame, experience, and create your world.  Learn more about internal reference 

  9. Celebrating your successes! 🎉

  10. Optional nourished-in-nature field trip and connection deepening


In calculating value, I think of three elements: One, what does the provider generally receive for their time? Two, what kind of time, effort and money would it take for the receiver to get this kind of experience elsewhere, (if it's even available elsewhere--much of this stuff isn't), and three, what results will the receiver experience from this offering, and what will be the impact of those results? 

With pricing, I also think of the capacity of students to pay, and weigh that in as well. Finally, I think of what I need to live in the Bay Area in a modest dwelling, support my child, and heal from chronic illness that is not covered by insurance.  


My intention is to:

Provide a set of services and experiences that contributes unique, soul-nutrient-dense and prosperity-enhancing value to my clients that I enjoy providing.

Request a contribution that they can afford to make, and would enjoy making, that also supports my needs and well-being.


  1. A passion for this next phase of your life path

  2. A willingness to step into that passion, take steps to realize it, receive coaching, support, and witnessing

  3. Commitment to showing up for group and individual work, "pay it forward" actions (small but very meaningful!), documenting your progress, and keeping your accountability buddy meetings


$397 per month for three months, or $1072 (10% off) if paid in full by February 20th, 2018.

Get the old priced, $1045 up front, if paid in full by February 7th.

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If you follow the structure of the program at least 90%, I guarantee that you will see measurable results toward your goals.

If you do not see results, or are unhappy with the program for any reason at any time, I will refund 100% of your money.

Space is limited--apply now


What kinds of goals are a good fit for this group?
A work or creative project that lends itself to 1. Summing up in a single sentence, like "I want to finish my book," or "I want to grow my client base by 10%," and 2. Breaking down into actionable steps. If you aren't sure whether your goal fits the group, let's talk. Email me at jill at wisdomofthebody dot com.

Say more about "pay it forward?"

The traditional model for single or group coaching is to receive for ourselves. What I have seen creates the community we need for us to really soar is giving. In this group, you matter to others, and allow others to matter to you. We create a structure in which each of us agrees to actively support at least two other group member's work regularly (you'll be matched loosely based on interest). This will include but may not be limited to these actions: 

- Give positive encouragement to each other (acknowledge and laud accomplishments in our online forum)
- Help each other where appropriate and authentic (liking or sharing a post, making a referral, and so on).

- Doing phone check-ins at appointed times

- Offering resources (introductions, post shares, information) to each other as authentic and appropriate

- Participating in brainstorms, resource shares, and referrals

As we do this for others, others also do the same for us, and we experience the tangible benefits that come from truly supportive community.

Will I be the only __"X"__?
I am reaching out to a diverse group of people across age, vocation, ethnicity, orientation, and class background. Since there is a limit of six to a cohort, there is a chance that you will be the only X person in your group. If you want to sign up with someone you'd like to work with, by whom you are also inspired, please direct them to this page.

What if I can't afford it?
I have a couple of work trades available for admin skills--ask me!

What kinds of specific things can I get help with?

Names and titles of offerings; Support for what blocks you; Consultation and structures for increasing productivity; Space rentals and advertising resources, how your descriptions sound; brainstorming ideas for questions around your project; encouragement when you need confidence. Any question or request for resource  is welcome in the group.

Can I give this as a gift to my mom/sister/nephew/accountant?

Yes, I will give you a delicious gift certificate!

Who do you love working with?

I love working with people who feel called to make a difference in the world, and feel strongly that now is their time step up their game. I want to bring in folks who have the ability and willingness to support others, who see the value of and can benefit from community, and who can receive and make good use of support and coaching to go to their next level!

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If you feel a strong sense that
it's time for your


Space is limited to six participants
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