Private Conflict Resolution

Private mediation, in small or large groups, helps people in conflict find peace, connection and understanding. Mediation sessions are conducted in person or on Skype, with or without a second mediator. I am open to working with all people, and specialize in non-traditional families and relationships.

Community Conflict Resolution

A Community Conflict Resolution, or Witnessed Mediation event involves a facilitated conversation between representatives of two sides of a conflict, which is either recorded or conducted in front of a group or both.  


The mediants may be the actual people involved, or stand-ins. It does not matter. For example, the mediants may represent:


  • Two points of view for or against a proposal, event, or policy

  • Two general camps in a community, such as “Wants to reach out and touch freely,” and “Wants to be asked first,” or "Thinks racism is a personal issue" versus "Thinks racism is a systemic issue."

  • Two people (or representatives for one or both of those people) involved in a conflict with each other, that affects a community. The community may feel confused about what’s true, and feel pulled to take sides. Unresolved, such conflicts can leave painful and lasting rifts.

  • Two general camps, like Democrat and Republican

  • Multiple points of view on a charged topic in the community