2019-20 Immersion

Dear Co-journeyer:

If you are about to fill out this application, I cannot express how delighted I am that you have chosen to do so!  I love joining forces with like-minded (and unlike-minded) beings to support their growth, healing, and evolution through this unusual body of work I have developed. It feels like what I am here on planet earth to do.

At the time of this writing, the 2017-18 Immersion students are finishing up nine months chock-full of insights, revelations, nourishment, bonding, release of old feelings, and being witnessed in their deepest selves. Learn more about the Immersion

If you feel ready for a new level of awareness, deepening, and integration, here’s what you need to know:

  • The value of what's included far exceeds the cost

  • Many discounts are available

  • You need to apply, with a $500 deposit, which gets applied to your total tuition, and is refundable only in extreme life circumstances, but whose value never expires

  • Several different payment options are available

What’s included & value
  • The actual, non-inflated value of the Immersion is $9,920

  • Tuition starts at $6,500 and goes down from there

  • You can see all your discount possibilities when you apply