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A new direction for our times

Dear Beings:

tl;dr: I am no longer offering counseling sessions to individuals or couples. I've morphed the insights of Wisdom of the Body into a facilitation, training, and coaching practice, called Evolutionary Workplace.

 - - - - -

I've had an amazing time developing Wisdom of the Body, a unique and multidimensional approach to healing that includes the possibility of restorative physical contact. You all have inspired me with your courage, your vulnerability, and the incredible trust you have placed in me to support you on your respective journeys.

I facilitated many sessions, led many students on transformative journeys, and created a body of work that the director of the Somatic Psychology program at JFK University called a "genuine contribution to the field" (Dr. Albert Wong). All in all, I'm delighted. I'm leaving this site up for the time being as a record of this work.

At the same time, I have been having an inner rumbling to grow this work in a different way; to help use these approaches, and my gifts, to nudge our human evolution along on a grander scale.

I hired an amazing life purpose coach named Holly Woods. Catalyzed by the murder of George Floyd, Holly and I discovered together that my purpose right now is to weave in all the insights of Wisdom of the Body into a similar-yet-different corpus: one supporting leaders in the inner and outer work of dismantling white supremacy.


This feels like just the right way to serve the emerging urgent needs of our culture around coping with the resurgence of white supremacist sentiment, actions, and violence.


I am also delighted to have partnered with a longtime friend and mentor, Dr. Cleo Manago, to facilitate this work. His "yes" surprised me, since his work has been 100% Afrocentric. You can read more about that journey here.

Our work together is called 22nd Century Leaders, and is geared especially but exclusive for white leaders who want to incorporate the deep cultural competence needed to dismantle white supremacy into their current work. The program includes many of the body-based approaches I have developed right here at Wisdom of the Body.

We still have a handful of short workshops before our longer program. If you feel included to check them out, you can see those upcoming offerings here­.

If you're really interested, here are some of my recent writings on the topic:


If you'd like keep up with my work in this vein, (or bring me in to your workplace to help make some real change from the inside out), you can contact me, check out my work, or get on my mailing list here­.

I wish you all peace, safety, and abundance in these troubled times.

Much love,

Jill Nagle, Founder

 Your body knows the way home

When we get off-track, it's usually not just in body, mind, spirit, or emotions--it's in all these realms. So we work with all these dimensions, with special attention to relearning and reclaiming the wisdom of your own body.

Jill Nagle

I work with individuals, couples, communities and groups who want to find the deeper connection, flow, and ease that’s always underneath the difficulties that present themselves. A multiply-published author on parenting, sexuality, personal growth, and many other topics, I founded Wisdom of the Body in 2013 to offer multidimensional counseling and group work that includes the possibility of restorative physical touch.

"Jill has such an intuitive way of being with her clients. She is nurturing, extremely present, attentive to what the client is needing. I find myself shifting and transforming during the session as well as the time afterwards. I find her work inclusive of the psycho-spiritual, somatic, and cognitive components. I feel lucky to have found such depth and skill in one practitioner."

- Jihan Amer, Holistic Counselor, Ecotherapist, Pleasant Hill, CA


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