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Your body knows the way home
 Your body knows the way home

When we get off-track, it's usually not just in body, mind, spirit, or emotions--it's in all these realms. So we work with all these dimensions, with special attention to relearning and reclaiming the wisdom of your own body.

Jill Nagle

I work with individuals, couples, communities and groups who want to find the deeper connection, flow, and ease that’s always underneath the difficulties that present themselves. A multiply-published author on parenting, sexuality, personal growth, and many other topics, I founded Wisdom of the Body in 2013 to offer multidimensional counseling and group work that includes the possibility of restorative physical touch.

"Jill has such an intuitive way of being with her clients. She is nurturing, extremely present, attentive to what the client is needing. I find myself shifting and transforming during the session as well as the time afterwards. I find her work inclusive of the psycho-spiritual, somatic, and cognitive components. I feel lucky to have found such depth and skill in one practitioner."

- Jihan Amer, Holistic Counselor, Ecotherapist, Pleasant Hill, CA


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