Sunday, May 13th, 7-8 PM 

Jill is guest on KPFA's "Talk it Out" radio with Marlena Willis,

Marlena was instrumental in the development of Wisdom of the Body. I continue to feel her influence, and am delighted to talk with her on her show!

Tuesday, May 22, 7-9 PM

Join Mike Sententia and Jill Nagle

to learn how their work in somatics and energy is creating the next generation of healing modalities, and also to experience their work directly for yourself!

Grace Under Fire:
Coping When the World is Too Much
Introductory Playshop
Thursday, May 24, 7-9 PM
Join in community as we learn to:

    • Stay sane inside insanity
    • Get replenished through connection
    • Tap into the vast healing resources  
    available to us.

Finding Your "Hell Yes":
More Satisfaction, Few Regrets
Afternoon Workshop
Sunday, June 03, 2-6 PM
Join community as we learn to:
• Discover what we truly want
• Attune to others to create true mutuality
• Find the win-win in any situation
Love Rising:
Creating exquisite connection from our imperfect insides

Introductory Playshop
Thursday, Jun 28, 7-9 PM

Join in community as we learn to:  

• Cultivate self-love and inner peace

• Create connection with others while maintaining healthy boundaries

• Receive deep support from the universe, ourselves, and other humans



Intimacy Ninja Skills for Lasting Relationships
Sunday, Nov 17, 10 AM-6 PM
In this class you will:
  • Learn what personality patterns are & how to work with them
  • Find ways to respond from presence rather than react from pattern
  • Find ways to de-escalate any conflict and restore connection
  • Learn to replace conflictual thoughts with connecting thoughts
  • Find ways to feel better right away no matter how crappy your day is going


Get Along With
(Almost) Anyone
Afternoon Workshop
Sunday, July 08, 2-6 PM

Join in community as we learn to:

• Tame the inner demons that get in the way of connection

• Speak in a way that invites true intimacy

• Turn any interaction into a win-win

Intimacy Ninja Skills
For Lasting Relationships
Thursday, Oct 15, 7-9:15 PM
In this class you will:
  • Learn a key tool for how to respond instead of react. 

  •  Find new ways to create exactly the interactions you want.

  • Discover how and why we get into entanglements, and how to get out.