NextLeveling v. 1. Ushering in the next stage of one's contribution to the world by drawing from both a strong sense of purpose, and also an intentional cultivation of our unfolding future self, community, and planet; 2. Stepping up one's game

Group coaching, counseling, consulting, and community to support this next vital phase of your book, product, career, or business 


The hardest part is not the path forward.


It's learning how to work with the parts of us that want to stay put.

Here's a snapshot of how coaching, counseling, consulting, and community work together to help you NextLevel:

Note: At this time, I am offering this only to folks I know.

Please do not share without my permission.

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  • Starts first week in January and goes for three months, ending last week in March

  • One hour-long video call per week with your cohort (No more than six, Day and time TBD according to group's schedules)


  • Online accountability structure for tracking and supporting each other's progress

  • "Pay it forward" support for your projects, posts, and so on

  • One 40-minute session with Jill each month

  • Unlimited accountability/support buddy meetings

  • Unlimited interactions in our private online discussion group


  1. Purpose clarification, deepening connecting to purpose

  2. Elevator speech and networking conversations

  3. Life scoping (find out how much time you actually have for what you desire

  4. Scheduling and committing to your next steps, self-care, and "pay-it-forward" kudos and referrals

  5. Tender space for vulnerable shares about what gets in our way

  6. Group networking, referral (who do you know who...), and signal boosting (as applicable)

  7. Personality patterns--how do we get in our own way, and how can we come back to presence

  8. Internal reference--gaining strength, perspective, and confidence by taking responsibility for how we experience and create our worlds. Learn more about internal reference 

  9. Celebrations! 🎉

  10. Optional nourished-in-nature field trip and connection deepening


$387 per month, or $1045 (10% off) if paid up front

If you have a strong sense that
it's time for your NextLeveling...

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