The session did contribute to a sense of well-being that lasted for days afterwards. I appreciated the introduction wherein it was explained that I had permission to ask for what I needed. The session was all about me, I was in charge. I felt empowered but at the same time very vulnerable. It has never been easy for me to feel vulnerable, but that night I did it. From the outset I felt safe enough to ask three people whom I had never met, to hold my hand.

I have been struggling with a serious medical condition for two and a half years. The experience has left me physically and emotionally scarred. The physical attention I received as I shared my feelings over the trauma filled me with a deep sense of comfort that traditional talk therapy has never provided. The session proved to me that those of us who have been traumatized, abused and neglected can benefit from combining talk therapy with the power of touch.

This work addresses the mind body connection. The result is an immediate sense of relief.

R.E., Berkeley, CA

I experienced a powerful collaboration of three exceptionally gifted healers. It was kind of like Family Constellation meets Hakomi meets Gestalt meets psychic energy work. They were seamless in how they worked together giving their healing gifts of insight and touch.

Joan, Marlena and Jill took me to very deep, vulnerable, tender places as well as very raw, alive, powerful states of being with grace and loving, open hearts. I received so much love! I felt totally seen, met and accepted!

With their help, I reached a deep place I have struggled with before, and this time, actually went through it. I cried, laughed and roared. All my expression was welcomed. This is cutting edge somatic healing.

Ilya Yacobson, L.Ac. – www.timelessmedicine.com

About Jill:

Jill has such an intuitive way of being with her clients. She is nurturing, extremely present, attentive to what the client is needing. I find myself shifting and transforming during the session as well as the time afterwards. I find her work inclusive of the psychospiritual, somatic, and cognitive components. I feel lucky to have found such depth and skill in one practitioner.

Jihan Amer, Trainee in Holistic Counseling Psychology – Ecotherapist, AngelPsychic, Pleasant Hill, CA

As a highly trained and experienced personal growth coach, I make a rather difficult client. But because my profession requires me to be continually working the edge of my own unfolding, I need a place to be met and held and allowed to unfurl into my own developmental process. The Wisdom of the Body work that Jill did with me was able to follow my organic process of discovery, even when it went outside of the “modality.” It allowed me to surprise myself with material I would not have been able to access through even the most sophisticated self study, and certainly not through conversation alone.

Our time together had an almost Shamanic quality, allowing me to invite dimensions of myself into the room that don’t always get the airtime they are due. Though I do not yet mentally understand what arose in my session with Jill, I find myself feeling “more here” than I did previously, and that just feels good. My patience and self compassion are much more accessible since our time together. I would recommend this work, and Jill specifically, without hesitation, particularly to folks who have yet to experience touch as a modality of spiritual healing and development! I look forward to continuing this exploration!

Christina Sophie, Spiritual and Personal Development Coach – www.integral-tantra.com

My experience with Jill was truly transformative, her confidence, kindness, deep listening and intuition with the body wisdom is exceptional. after each session with her, I felt, loved, held, heard and nurtured through the body, I am looking forward to receiving more body wisdom from Jill in the future.

Natalie, Intuitive Counselor, Business Entrepreneur and Dancer, Los Angeles

Wisdom of The Body sessions have allowed me to go deeper inside myself and attend to physical sensations, emotions and themes; this work has helped create more breathing space and more energy flow throughout my body as well as more space for the arising of needs and wants that I’ve habitually learned to squelch. With the support of Jill’s curiosity, openness, sensitivity to my needs, and ability to create a safe container I’ve been able to attend to whatever arises when we work together, and move in the direction of freedom.

What’s great about Jill and the work she does:

  • Very open to letting the client lead
  • warm and flexible
  • Developed the work out of her personal experiences
  • Easy to be with, open to feedback, warm and compassionate, real
  • Willing to step into unfamiliar territory
  • Willing to lead
  • Responsive to the moment rather than an agenda
  • Connecting
  • Inclusive
  • Unpretentious
  • Skillful with creating safety

Joan D., somatic psychotherapist

If you have tried talk therapy and didn’t get results, this is for you. Jill uses somatics, actual physical contact, and verbalization to tap into your experience and express what needs expressing. For some, even being a space of unconditional positive regard will be new and transformative. For more experienced practitioners, Wisdom of The Body allows you to get straight to work on what most needs it.

Steven L.

I come from a background of pervasive early abuse, and have worked with a variety of modalities, both spiritual and emotional to heal. There is a spaciousness now around the abuse, but I still have a great deal of healing to do around the neglect of being left alone at really early ages (“it’s safer to be alone”). I had a sense of having used up my resources in healing the abuse…my financial means, my health, and felt a lot of hopelessness, but prayed about it.

Now I have come across Wisdom of The Body, which seems to be able to touch and bring movement to the scars of neglect through its combination of presence, touch, and the formlessness that follow my body (and its wisdom). Something in me is able to open and trust in a way I haven’t been able to do previously.

Marlena Willis, Oakland, CA (Written while client)

I would wholeheartedly suggest experiencing Jill’s unique healing practice. She creates a warm, safe place to be held and nurtured. Stillness, deepening, more presence results.

Josiah Knight, Berkeley, CA

By having the practitioner (you) hold present space and touch, without an agenda or expectation, allowed me, the client, to deepen my inner sense of acceptance and well being. Receiving a Wisdom of the Body session was a gift for myself, where I could tune into what I needed and practice fully stating that and have someone (the practitioner) create a safe container to provide the healing touch without expectation. I was able to fully be myself and in my body.

Susan S., MFT Intern, Oakland, CA