Jill Nagle

Founder / Practitioner

I began my practitioner journey at eight when I picked up Haim Ginott’s Between Parent and Child off my parents’ shelf, and attempted to teach my father how to talk to me.

Since then, I have studied and experienced a number of therapies and healing modalities including Re-evaluation Counseling, Nonviolent Communication, mediation, family constellation work, massage, Somatic Experiencing, contact improvisation and conscious dance, but never quite found the combination of body, mind, spirit and emotion approaches in one practice.

In 2011, I was gifted with an unwitting practicum. I had a partner who was manifesting physical symptoms of severe trauma, and my son had begun to express himself with violent tantrums. I learned to deepen into compassion with my son, and to hold my partner’s body in ways that enabled her to release the emotions held in contracted parts of her body. I drew on everything I had ever learned about how a human being heals, and also felt I was unearthing new ground.

In 2013, I was gifted again with a layoff from my Silicon Valley Fortune 500 high-tech six figure job, and founded Wisdom of The Body, bringing together all my knowledge and experience into a self-directed practicum. I met and joined forces with Joan Diamond and Marlena Willis,with whom I have been working for the last year. and who have helped develop the work. Joan now works as an independent practitioner.

Now, through Wisdom of The Body, Marlena and I and our new colleague, Jan Verweij, now regularly give each other the multidimensional healing work I had been longing for my whole life. We love sharing this work with each other and with clients.

Marlena Willis


I bring to my work the depth, insight, and compassion that come from years of spiritual and emotional work as well as the inside knowledge of how to heal trauma that I received as one of the gifts of healing my own trauma. I have a passion for authenticity, and for bringing acceptance and love to those places that we least accept and love. I have experienced that trusting what is, being present with our bodies, with ourselves, allows us to find freedom and joy in the midst of our difficulty and pain.

My experience includes years of intensive insight meditation practice, Rosen Method Bodywork, Non Violent Communication (which I have taught at the East Bay Meditation Center and over the phone to people with chronic illness and disability). I also was involved in early diversity work in the Buddhist community and bring an awareness of societal issues to my work.

I value all beings deeply and I enjoy helping ordinary, everyday people find their power.