What I do

I work with individuals, couples, communities and groups who want to get past the what’s tripping them up, to the deeper connection, flow, and ease that’s always underneath. A multiply-published author on parenting, sexuality, personal growth, and many other topics, I founded Wisdom of The Body: Beyond Talk Therapy in 2013 to offer counseling that includes the possibility of aware, intimate, nonsexual physical touch. Clients typically get results beyond what they thought possible.

How I got here

I began my practitioner journey at eight when I picked up Haim Ginott’s Between Parent and Child off my parents’ shelf, and attempted to teach my father how to talk to me. It didn’t go over very well.

Since then, I have studied and experienced a number of therapies and healing modalities including Re-evaluation Counseling, Nonviolent Communication, mediation, family constellation work, massage, Somatic Experiencing, contact improvisation, conscious dance, and Energy Class with Linda Caesara and Norma Ramos-Ott.

In the early 2010s, I found myself in an unwitting practicum. I had a partner who was manifesting physical symptoms of severe trauma, and my son had begun to express himself with violent tantrums. I learned to deepen into compassion with my son, and to hold my partner’s body in ways that enabled her to release the emotions held in contracted parts of her body. I drew on everything I had ever learned about how a human being heals, and also felt I was unearthing new ground. It was then that I surfaced the question that led to the development of Wisdom of The Body:

Where can adult go to get sustained, aware, nonsexual physical contact from someone who also has the expertise to work with their thoughts and feelings?”

I began to test my practices on others, taking all my vacation time from my Silicon Valley Fortune 500 high-tech six figure job, and inviting all the healers I knew to come and get sessions with me in exchange for feedback. I thought all the sessions would be like the ones with my partner. It turned out they were all over the map. From the very first session, I had ancestors in the room!

While I felt very comfortable with the physical, emotional, and cognitive aspects of counseling work from my 3 years of practice, I was not so facile with anything beyond that. I realized that as a practitioner, I wanted to be able to show up for all of what my clients manifested, not just what was within my current comfort zones. So I began my studies of energy and the metaphysical in Energy Class with Linda Caesara and Norma Ramos-Ott, and now Mike Sententia of Healing Lab.

Just as I was finishing the last of this round of sessions, I ran out of vacation time. However, three weeks later, I was laid off. I cobbled together my resources, and created a year of practicum for myself to develop the work.

At first I thought the work would be a collection of practices and modalities–but now I see that what we do is create a field of love and spaciousness where the wisdom of the client’s own body to come forth and provide direction for what needs to happen next for optimal healing. It turns out that to lay the ground for that field, bring our physical and energy bodies into alignment with the purpose of the session, and make sure we’re showing up in a completely therapeutic way for the client takes a lot! It takes knowing how to lay ground; knowing what energy or personality patterns we tend to run, and how get out of them into presence; it takes a deep comfort and facility with non-sexual physical intimacy. That’s in addition to the skills need to work with a client’s cognition and emotional expression. This is the kind of therapy I want and need, and what I offer to my clients, and train my students to provide. I know of no other place to find this combination of skills.