2017-18 Immersion

2017-18 Immersion

Theme: Intimacy with The Shadow

Starting Saturday & Sunday, October 21st, 2017, 10 AM – 6:00 PM, and continuing every 3rd weekend of the month through June, 2018

There are no more introductory events this year, but if you’d like, you may talk to me (Jill Nagle) and/or a current or past Immersion student about their experience of this work.

Are you a practitioner who wants to do deeper work of your own, and offer deeper work to others, including restorative physical touch?

Or a dedicated spiritual or personal growth seeker who wants deeply effective, committed, and loving support to finally move through that long carried next layer?



The special focus theme this year is intimacy with the shadow. We’ve also added new sections on energy work, race, gender, and sexuality, and MORE, all held with our signature Wisdom of The Body love and acceptance of all that shows up. See Jill’s recent article on How to Enlighten Our Somatic Shadows

Wisdom of The Body is a particularly effective group of cognitive, emotional, body, and energy tools that can help heal a wide variety of symptoms, and help us to show up more effectively for ourselves and others. Another important theme of our work is Healing From Neglect, a popular workshop topic we give throughout the year, and also an effect of doing Wisdom of The Body work, which involves exquisite attention to parts of ourselves that may be suffering from habitual neglect.

For the last few years, those who experience the work of Wisdom of The Body have been saying things like,

Wisdom of The Body sessions have allowed me to go deeper inside myself and attend to physical sensations, emotions and themes; this work has helped create more breathing space and more energy flow throughout my body as well as more space for the arising of needs and wants that I’ve habitually learned to squelch. With the support of Jill’s curiosity, openness, sensitivity to my needs, and ability to create a safe container I’ve been able to attend to whatever arises when we work together, and move in the direction of freedom.” – Joan Diamond"Wisdom of the Body"

I received so much love! I felt totally seen, met and accepted! I reached a deep place I have struggled with before, and this time, actually went through it. I cried, laughed and roared. All my expression was welcomed. This is cutting edge somatic healing.” – Ilya Yacobson, LAc

If you have tried talk therapy and didn’t get results, this is for you. Jill uses somatics, actual physical contact, and verbalization to tap into your experience and express what needs expressing. For some, even being a space of unconditional positive regard will be new and transformative. For more experienced practitioners, Wisdom of The Body allows you to get straight to work on what most needs it.”  – Steven L.

Interchange grad? See what other Interchange grads are saying 

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Never experienced Wisdom of The Body? Come to one of our events.

In the 2017-18 9-month Immersion, you can learn how to apply ALL the components of Wisdom of The Body to your own healing and repertoire of approaches, while receiving sessions consistently

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I made–and kept a promise to myself to add ten new elements this year: 

        • NEW – Partner work between sessions, with a structure to track your skills
      • NEW –  Bring your deepest desire, fondest dream, or biggest goal into the class matrix–we’ll all nurture it, and you’ll get to work on what’s getting in the way of making it happen
      • NEW –  work with Mike Sententia of HealingLab.org on how to connect to your personal matrix, and sense real energy, so you can know it’s not made-up.
      • NEW – Section on sexuality, desire, consent, gender, and boundaries. (Jill has decades of experience in this area, and is a widely published sex writer and leader)
      • NEW – Video meeting mid-month for support and check-in
      • NEW – Prompts on the dedicated facebook page to help you integrate these skills into your life
      • NEW – Section on race, ethnicity, and consciousness, from a WisBo perspective–so much happens that’s confusing in the world, fragments our psyche, and makes it hard to know how to show up–here, we’ll hold it with love and clarity.
      • NEW More convenient and effective structure–one weekend workshop and one evening video class per month
      • NEW More time getting nurtured in nature!
      • NEW More movement, sound, and space for our primal creature-beings to come forth.


  • Jill’s original work on getting underneath the illusions of the English language to greater clarity, both using NVC and going beyond it. See Jill’s early article on this topic. Now, she’s writing a book on it, and you get to be in on the ground floor as this develops.
  • Jill’s synthetic approach to getting hellaciously present, by loving up what gets in the way. In particular, applying the thinking of Tara Brach Matt Kahn, Matt Licata, to the core wounds of the Five Personality Patterns, as articulated by Barbara Brennan and Steven Kessler. This emerging synthesis has powerful potential for helping us all emerge from our most constricting patterns.
  • The signature WisBo approach over the course of the Immersion working up to giving and receiving exquisitely healing and transformative restorative physical contact.

And as ever:

  • Get counseling on what comes up for you in counseling others
  • Getting more of what you want in your relationship with yourself and others
  • Honing your manifestation, boundaries, and intimacy skills
  • The support of three 1:1 sessions with Jill over the nine months included in the immersion
  • An exquisite supportive community of like-minded peers to practice with, who deepen with each other, and become more and more effective with each other over time
  • Getting in near the ground floor of a cutting-edge healing (un)modality that has the potential to influence how therapy and healing unfold in the coming years and decades

The Immersion is an especially good match for practitioners whose background includes Conscious Dance, energy work, meditation, spiritual exploration, Interchange, Co-Counseling, Contact Improvisation, Hakomi, Family Constellations, and other related modalities.

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In the meantime…

I’m Jill, and I started all this.

Jill Nagle, Founder

Jill Nagle, Founder

If you’re like me, you’ve had lots of sessions over the years with practitioners who couldn’t take you where you needed to go. For me, sometimes, they went like this: I sit down on a couch and start talking about my inner world.  The practitioner listens. Just when I get to a place where I feel a deep release coming–tears, sound, movement, the practitioner becomes anxious, because this is outside what they’re trained to handle. To manage their anxiety, they begin doing their modality to me, at me, on me…in their mind, for me, but instead of helping, it shuts me down, because it interfered with the wisdom of my body.

I could feel in my body where I needed to go…they just couldn’t follow me. Things are changing now. Here’s how I got to to where we are today:

In 2013, I was gifted with a laboratory. I had a partner who was a survivor of extreme trauma. From time to time, she would somaticize (express through her body) her trauma in the form of acute pains in different places of her body. I would hold her, and she would release her emotions, and the pain would dissipate. I asked myself the question that would begin Wisdom of The Body:

Where can an adult go to get sustained, aware, nonsexual physical contact with someone who also has the capacity to hold their feelings?

In the last three years, I have developed Wisdom of The Body, in which we create a field of love and spaciousness for the wisdom of the client’s own body. Together with the client, we co-create what the session looks like. I’ve had students along the way, who learned the work, helped refine it, and gave me the sessions I’ve always wanted to have!

Here’s what we’ve discovered:

  • True healing is modality-agnostic. Modalities can help–a lot–but it helps to know when to let go of them.
  • The best way we can prepare to help our clients is make our own energy field as robust and full of love as possible. To do this, we:
    – Do our own healing in a similarly deep and open-ended fashion as we offer our clients
    – Continually work on what comes up for us in showing up as healers
    – Catch ourselves when we go into ego excitement about a modality, energy pattern rigidity, or anything else that pulls us out of attunement
  • Sitting in a chair talking is only one of many ways we can heal.

If you want more from your own journey, and/or a greater capacity to help others, please consider joining us for this immersion.

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Scroll to the bottom for logistics.

Here’s a three-step overview of what we do in Wisdom of The Body–each of these steps involves smaller steps as well:

PyramidStep one: Create a rich, robust and coherent field
A field is the energy that surrounds the work we do, that holds what come forth. How strong and healthy it is determines what we can create within it, and how well that will go.
Creating a field involves several things. First, it involves getting our own energy body into shape, so that we personally can hold whatever arises. Second, it involves grounding the space we’re about to inhabit with structures to call forth and hold what arises there, so we as practitioners and witnesses can all be held in something larger. Third, we need to get into alignment with anyone else who will be practicing with us in the field so that we ensure coherence of the field. Any number of people in any setting create a field without even trying. With Wisdom of The Body (and many other healing practices), we attend to creating one just right for the work we wish to do.

Step two: Attunement, through Radical Presence
The first principle I like to call the “Prime Directive,” which is to fully and completely accept what arises within oneself and others before responding. This ties in closely with the second principle, Radical Presence. Radical Presence is love, plus attunement.
You might have heard of love. Though it needs no introduction, getting love to flow often involves getting everything else out of the way–that’s the tricky part! Attunement is the crucial piece to delivering love in the right shape, measure, form and intensity that the client needs in that moment. We want all our offerings to come from an exquisite Radical Presence, and we cannot effectively practice Radical Presence without a rich, robust and coherent field! Once we have that, we can attune to our clients on so many levels:


  • Physical–how much bodily distance or closeness does the client need?
  • Cognitive/verbal–how do we interpret what we hear, and filter what we say for optimal clarity? We draw heavily on Nonviolent Communication and related schools of thought for ways to strip illusion from the English language, and get closer to the heart of things.
  • Emotional–how do we show up when big feelings get expressed? Or when the client seems shut down? To the extent that we have fluency with our own range of feelings, to a similar extent will be able to hold those of others.
  • Spiritual–metaphysical means “beyond the physical.” Many times what works most powerfully  to move entrenched patterns is working outside most psychological traditions, such as with our human energy field, or our ancestral lineage, especially in combination with the physical, cognitive and emotional.

Each element works with, reinforces, and help to integrate the others. We are whole humans who do not get wounded only one way, so our healing, too, needs to be multidimensional, and address all of us.

By the way, who reading has noticed that our mandala contains all four of these quadrants? It’s not a coincidence.

Step three: Offerings (Modalities, in diagram)
We listen carefully for what comes forth to offer to a given client, and practice discerning between our own excitement about a particular offering, versus a download from the higher kkittens1nowing of the shared field of intention for the client’s healing. The client will always course-correct us if our initial offering doesn’t fully resonate.

I’m fond of noting that Wisdom of The Body is nothing new–we were all born knowing how to heal from whatever happens to us–all we need is the right kind of attention. The creature in us knows where to go from there, and if you’ve ever been to one of our events, you’ve seen how this happens.
With a rich, robust and coherent field to hold us, grounded and Radically Presenced practitioners accompanying us with exquisitely downloaded offerings, we effectively recreate a sort of ideal family field–the client becomes a child of the Universe, where all of her gets welcomed, accepted and received with the most exquisite love, spaciousness and holding, as she wishes and needs. None of us needs or deserves any less.

We’ll learn all this piece by piece. Your only task now, if you wish it, is to begin.

Get one of a limited number of early-tier (least expensive) tickets
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Here is a partial reading list for the first semester:

Whatever Arises, Love That, Matt Kahn
Radical Acceptance, Tara Brach
The 5 Personality Patterns: Your Guide to Understanding Yourself and Others and Developing Emotional Maturity, Steven Kessler
Selected chapters from Light Emerging, Barbara Brennan
Selected chapters from The Body Keeps The Score, Bessel van der Kolk

Third weekends of the month, 10:30 AM – 6:00 PM starting Saturday, October 21st

Vision for Next Steps

After this immersion, possible opportunities include:
– Certification in Wisdom of The Body
– Additional advanced training and practice
– Assisting with a new immersion training of other practitioners
– Presentations, workshops, and paid sessions with clients

So, if you are so inspired, come join us–get unmodalized, shed what you know, lose your mind and come to your exquisitely perfect senses. We’ve been waiting for you. If you would like to play in that field this year…

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Call Jill (415 509 6430) for more information.

There are no more introductory events this year, but if you’d like, you may talk to me (Jill Nagle) and/or a current or past Immersion student about their experience of this work.