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Grace Under Fire: Full-Spectrum Healing for An Unthinkable World

“The world is too much with us; late and soon, Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers; Little we see in Nature that is ours; We have given our hearts away, a sordid boon!” Excerpted from “The World is Too Much With Us,” – William Wordsworth Though it was written long before the internet,

Googly eye(1)

The googly eye that changed my life

     On Sunday, June 18, I went to one of a number of memorial services for Marie-Josee Mont-Reynaud, AKA MJ, who had jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge nine days prior, stunning a large community of her friends, lovers, and admiring acquaintances. Toward the end of the service, someone was passing out googly eyes,


Which personality pattern do you run?

Wish something had gone better? If you look back on a situation, and feel some regret about how you responded to it, chances are you were in pattern.   A patterned response is anything that prevents us from being fully and wholly present, and having access to a fresh and creative response to a given

a pile of golden poop

The Golden Turd of Feelings

Bear with me while I stretch this metaphor beyond all standards of polite company. We often refer to unwelcome emotions as our “shit.” Someone who can name it, claim it, deal with it on their own, and not act out toward others is said to be able to “own their shit.” When we do bring


Post Trumpatic Stress Disorder: Ten Ways to Heal, Stoke Hope, and Stay Energetically Resourced

Have you been feeling despairing? Weak in the knees and spine? At a complete and utter loss for how to deal with those around you who seem to living in a completely foreign universe, unaware of the looming monsters so clearly before your eyes? You’re not alone. Threats and violence based on perceived membership in

Gregg's dirty feet

The Dirty Side of Healing

Civilization gave us many things, like combustion engines, fast food, and digital screens. Walls, floors and ceilings. Shoes. Fashion. Division of labor and interchangeable parts. Polite society. Standardized spelling. And yes, clean feet. It turns out many of these things harm our bodies. A sedentary lifestyle is deadly to our health. EMFs  (electromagnetic fields put out by device


Just look at you!

Just look at you. You might have heard this from a doting aunt when you show up at the family reunion a foot taller. Or, Listen to yourself, from a concerned friend when you spin a victim-y yarn.  Sometimes it’s hard to know how we sound or appear to others, or what our impact is. Wisdom of


Six Paradoxes of Intimacy

“Intimacy” brings to mind two people deeply connected, maybe in the throes of passion, definitely focused on each other to the exclusion of the rest of the world. Over the long term, maintaining the health and robustness of an intimate connection with another takes measures that might seem counterintuitive. Nurturing intimacy sometimes takes knowing the


Could Intimacy be More Fun Than Root Canal?

A couple of days ago, I asked someone who had written me a long extremely critical email catalyzed by nothing I could identify, and apologized only after I followed up, if we could finally have a face-to-face, and they responded that that sounded like about as much fun as a visit to the dentist you’ve been putting

Non-hugging psychotherapist

Your therapist doesn’t hug you, either?

Neither does mine. And she’s not asleep, stupid, nor a cold fish… As much as she might want to let her nurturing instincts loose and spoon me while I shed my tears, she’s bound by the rules she got licensed with. So unless they want to be permanently banned from their profession, they’re not going to snuggle up