Wisdom of The Body works with healing arts practitioners, spiritual seekers and personal growth explorers who want a more direct, effective path to healing.

Wisdom of the Body

Sessions usually start off with the client on a couch and the practitioner in a chair, much like a talk therapy session. We ask, “What’s alive in you?” As you respond, we may make an intuitive offer involving the massage table, the floor for movement or on-your-feet work with your physical or energy body, the mat for physical contact, or other creative uses of the space and furniture available.

Wisdom of The Body is a kind of unmodality modality. Most therapy modalities work by the practitioner following a set of guidelines that they believe will assist you in your healing process. Many of these can be quite useful.

We work instead by creating an exquisite field of love, spaciousness, and accceptance, much like we would wish for an ideal parent to have provided. Within that field, the wisdom of your own body brings forth exactly what you need to take your next healing step. Through intuitive offerings, attunement and holding of the space, the practitioner assists you in finding the most direct route to deepest healing.

Sometimes that looks like finding the voice of power in your belly, in the middle of the room. Other times, like curling in a fetal position, trembling while being held. Still other times, receiving gentle touch on the massage table to release emotions carried in the muscles. Your session may look like no other.

Clients who have explored other modalities extensively often report that WoB provides healing on a level they hadn’t imagined was possible.